About Fantasy Polo

We are Fantasy Polo, the world’s first online fantasy game for polo.

We give users the chance to pick their dream team and watch them perform throughout real, live polo seasons, earning fantasy points that are based on in depth playing statistics taken live at every game. Fantasy Polo is a simulation of the high goal season where users battle each other to earn the most fantasy points, updating their team as the season gets into full swing and winning big prizes for their superior knowledge.

We wanted to create a game that meant that everyone could get more involved in polo. We’ve all sat on the sidelines thinking “I wouldn’t have done that”, “I wouldn’t have picked him” or “I could have done it better”. Well here is your chance to prove it. Fantasy Polo aims to bring more fans to the sport and increase viewership of polo by creating vested interests. Following your chosen players throughout the season means that you aren’t going to the finals indifferent, not really minding who wins or loses. Instead you will be pinned to the edge of your seat cheering every backhand, goal and throw in and lamenting every foul, missed penalty and injury. With Fantasy Polo you have a whole new reason to be addicted to polo.

As a completely new concept to the world of polo, we are not only providing a great fun way to interact with the sport, but we are also bringing polo into the technological and statistical world of the 21st century. We bring you the best and never before seen stats from the high goal. We take live stats from every game and keep you up to date with the second by second action. You can experience the tension of every match on the go.

This is your chance to manage a high goal team at your fingertips. We hope that we have created a new, exciting and above all enjoyable way to experience polo. Please feel free to get in touch with us with any questions, queries or suggestions.

Welcome to the club guys!