Getting Started
Can I enter more than one team?
Sorry, each user can only create one team.
How is my information protected?
We promise we won’t share your details with any third parties or any other users. You’re safe! For more information head to our Privacy Policy .
When’s my deadline for registering?
There is no deadline, you can register and create a team at any time, but the longer you wait after the start of the season, the less chance you have of winning the overall season prize. You can still win money in the smaller Prize Periods , but register as soon as possible to avoid missing out on prize money and the opportunity to prove your polo knowledge.
When do I have to submit my team?
You can submit a team at any time, but you are unlikely to win any money from a prize period that has already started as you’ll be behind in points. Submit your team as soon as possible to maximise your chances of winning!
When does the game start?
The game starts when the real-life tournament begins. Stay tuned via our Facebook , Instagram and Twitter pages where we’ll post fixture dates and times.
How do I reset my password?
You can find a link to reset your password in the Profile section of the website.
Building your team
How do I submit my team?
Submitting your team is really easy - create your dream line-up on the My Team page and once you’re happy, click submit. You’ll receive a welcome email asking you to verify your email address. Then you’re good to go.
How do I choose my team?
Your four man team must keep within the fantasy budget allocated for the tournament.
The Player’s Profiles have all the information you need to create your dream team: previous form, biggest achievements, top statistics etc. We encourage you to do as much research as possible on each player to make the best choice for you. If you’re still stuck then click ‘Lucky Dip’ and we’ll give you a line-up at random. You can still make changes to this line-up, but it’s a good place to start.
Playing the game
What happens if a real life game is cancelled or postponed?
You’ll have to wait until the match is re-scheduled to gain any points. We will keep you posted through our social media channels so keep an eye out for updates.
How are the players' fantasy values evaluated?
Each real-life player is assigned a value based on past performance, team achievements and player’s handicap. Player values are purely subjective and Fantasy Polo accepts no responsibility for unintended consequences based on the publication of these values.
How can I tell if my team has won/lost any points?
You can follow your team’s progress on My Team as we upload game statistics to the page during and after each live game. You can see your players' latest statistics on their profiles as well as your overall team score on the My Team page. You can see how your team is performing compared to other users by going to Leaderboards .
How valuable or detrimental is each statistic?
We have allocated positive or negative fantasy points to each statistic depending on the value they add to each game. You can find the points system in the Info Centre .
Prize Periods
How do prize periods work?
Prize periods give you the chance to win smaller prizes even if you didn’t get your team in before the start of the full season. The season is divided into smaller prize periods that mean that you are always in with a chance of winning cash prizes. Win the semi finals or a tournament and you can still walk away with your pride and some money in your pocket.
What if my player isn’t playing in a particular prize period?
That’s what it’s all about. As well as picking players who will earn you lots of fantasy points, Fantasy Polo is all about timing and tactics. If a player you have picked is not playing in a particular prize period that you are hoping to win then it is up to you to make a transfer to boost your chances of winning the maximum amount of points.
Private Leagues
I want to challenge my friends. Can I compete just with them as well as with everyone else?
We like your confidence! You can create a Private League to prove to your friends who’s boss. To create a Private League head to Private Leagues and click on Create New League. Once you have put in the details you will be sent an email with a private PIN number to share with whoever you want to join you. All they have to do is sign up and they will not only be playing in your league, but also entered into the overall league for a chance to win the big prizes.
Do I get a new team for a new League?
No, the team that you picked when you signed up is your team throughout any League and Prize Period that you are playing. You can make transfers and mix it up, but you will compete with the same team throughout each League (Private or Overall)
Can I replace a player with anyone I like?
As long as your new player fits within your budget, you’re good to go.
How many transfers do I get and how do they work?
Every tournament you will have a different amount of transfers to be used throughout the tournament, depending on the number of teams and fixtures. We will let you know on your My Team page how many transfers you have for each tournament. If you transfer a player before the start of their next match, that player’s points will immediately be counted into your fantasy score. However if you make a transfer after the start of their next match, then that player’s points won’t start accumulating until the start of the next play day.
If I transfer someone in, do I get the points they have already scored?
Unfortunately you can’t collect the points your new player has earned in matches played before you put him in your team - that would be cheating! You will of course maintain the points the player you’ve transferred out has collected, but you won’t get any points from your new player until they play their next match.
What if my player is injured/subbed out/doesn’t play?
If one of your players is injured mid-match and replaced with someone else, it’s tough luck. Unfortunately you’ll lose out on points from that player, and won’t collect any points from the sub for the rest of that match. If it’s a long-term injury you might wish to transfer that player out of your team. You can make a transfer at any time, however it won’t come into effect until your new player’s next match.
If one of your players is subbed out between matches and you make a transfer before the next transfer deadline (the start of the next match) you are fine and your new player will start earning you points from their next match onwards.
If I win, how do I get my money?
We will contact you through the details you give us to arrange payment via PayPal.
What happens if two users tie?
If two players tie in any position, the cash prizes will be shared between them. Sharing is caring.