How to Play Fantasy Polo

Pick your team
How to Play Fantasy Polo
Play the game
Follow your players’ statistics throughout the season and make transfers to stay on top of your game
See Fantasy Become Reality
Watch your Fantasy Points become big money prizes
High tension and pure, instant entertainment

The Aim of the Game

Pick four players from any team playing in the high goal to earn you as many fantasy points as possible throughout the season.
Follow our live stats, make transfers and update your team to keep those points rolling in.
Whoever has the most fantasy points at the end of the season is the winner. Easy peasy.

Step 1: Pick your team

You have a $100,000 fantasy budget to spend on the four polo stars you trust to earn you the most fantasy points throughout the season.

Head to My Team to pick your players. Next to each player you will see the handicap and the price of the player. Pick any combination of players within your budget regardless of handicap.

Check out players’ profiles and their up-to-date statistics to make sure you have all the info available to make the right choice.

A top performance isn’t all about the goals. Every backhand, shot on goal, penalty scored and throw-in won matters, so we’ve designed a scoring system that uses our exclusive stats to reflect each player’s true on-field contribution. It’s winner vs sinner: pick someone naughty and you will see your score going down. Points are subtracted for fouls, technicals and missed penalties.

Throw In 0.25
Shot On Goal 0.5
Field Goal 4
Field Goal Behind 60 Yards 10
Foul -1
Backhand 1
Own Goal -4
Spot Penalty In (between 30 yard line and back line) 1
Spot Penalty Missed (between 30 yard line and back line) -6
30 Yard Penalty In 2
30 Yard Penalty Missed -5
40 Yard Penalty In 3
40 Yard Penalty Missed -4
60 Yard Penalty In 4
60 Yard Penalty Missed -1
Safety 60 In 5
Safety 60 Missed -0.5
Yellow Card -10
Red Card -20
Technical -5
Penalty 30/40 Block 4

Feeling lucky? Brain frazzled by algorithms and too many choices? Let us do the hard work. Click Lucky Dip and we will come up with a unique team combo to help you get started.

When you’re happy that you’ve built the line-up to fire you to victory, it’s time to enter the game. Add a team name and that little green button is your gateway to glory.

Step 2: Play the game

Once you’re happy with your team you can sit back, relax and cheer on your players, watching the fantasy points roll in as your players perform and we update the stats during and after each match. To follow your team’s progress and see how you are doing compared to other teams, go to Leaderboards and click on the Tournament you’re playing.

Not happy with your team? Someone not up to scratch, injured or been knocked out of the tournament? Never fear, the transfers are here. We have a simple and flexible transfer system which keeps you in control of your team.

Each tournament you will have a certain amount of transfers to be used throughout the competition. We will let you know on you’re my Team page how many transfers you have for each tournament depending on the number of teams and fixtures. Remember, the players you have transferred in, start scoring your team points from start of their next match. Any transfers made after this deadline will come into effect from the start of the next day.

Until the first match of each tournament and between tournaments you have a “transfer amnesty” which means you can make as many transfers as you want, so you can mix your team up to your heart’s content without affecting your transfer total for the next tournament.

Step 3: See Fantasy Become Reality

Your team will automatically be playing in the Overall League against all other users. Challenge friends by setting up a Private League and compete against each other for ultimate bragging rights.

And that’s pretty much it. Whoever has the most points at the end of the season is the overall winner.

So what are you waiting for? Your season starts now.